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Hey! We are two boys from New York, Vivek and Raam, who want to help out and do something meaningful this summer. We cannot tell you how thankful we are to have the opportunities that we have been given. To be treated the same way as all of our classmates regardless of our skin color. To have a home, a school, and caring friends and family. To have food on our plates and water in our bottles. To learn without being judged. To have had a chance to take up sports and have fun in loving, supportive communities. 


But we acknowledge that not everyone has this. According to ChildFund, 570 million children are currently in extreme poverty. 570,000,000 people who are not given simple rights. Who do not have access to clean, drinking water or nutritious food. We have both seen this first hand throughout our trips to India, but we do not come close to realizing the destructive damage this could do to a child and their family. We know our efforts will hardly be enough. We need more. We can do more. But we want to help.


The charity that we will be fundraising for is ChildFund. They believe in education, health, and safety and essentially creating environments where students can thrive. We think that every child deserves these rights. In fact, what stuck with us was their vision statement: “A world in which every child realizes their rights and achieve their potentials.” People are so smart, so powerful, and we want to give everyone a chance. If 50 million more people are educated, then that is 50 million people out in the world with the knowledge to solve climate change or world hunger. To help fight racial and gender discrimination. Just think: the world would be a much better place if 570,000,000 more people were given a chance. To learn more about their mission, visit their website at And, if you’re interested in donating, please visit our GoFundMe page at


We both love exercising, and we think that it’s so much fun. This summer, our goal is to bring that to you. Every Wednesday, we will have a 40-minute workout session specifically aimed at younger kids. We will have team-based workouts and a bunch of fun music (and, of course, lots of encouraging smiles!). To learn more about the sessions, click HERE or contact us at


In addition, from July 16th to August 24th, we will be hosting a virtual fitness frenzy. Every Thursday, a workout will be posted on our website and our leaderboard at 5 pm EST. Your score will be due the following Monday at 5 pm EST. Registration will be open until July 20th at 5 pm EST, and you can sign up via our Competition Corners leaderboard HERE. To learn more about the event, click HERE. While the COMPETITION IS FREE TO REGISTER, we hope that you consider donating to our GoFundMe. It will put a smile on our faces but more importantly a smile on theirs.


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We're all about creating the change that we hope to see in the world: doing it through fitness.


Join us in donating for ChildFund this summer through our GoFundMe page HERE. To sign up for our 2020 fitness frenzy competition, click HERE.

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